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Imagine: No hunger, and in fact – no dieting.
Totally natural, no pills, no starvation.


Dear Friends,

Finding it hard to lose weight?  Yes, me too.

So I researched “natural weight loss” remedies until I actually found out why it’s so hard to lose weight. It was a long path, but I’ll share my research findings with you.

Here’s why it’s so hard to lose weight:

Your body fights you – tooth and nail  –
to keep every pound you weigh.

I’ll explain just why I say this in a minute.  But more importantly here’s what you can do to shed this extra weight, whether it’s 5 pounds, 25 pounds or 250 pounds.

Please – sit down and relax.  In the next 10 minutes…
I’m going to demonstrate how you can change your life:

• How you can eat less, and yet still feel comfortably full.
• Eat healthier… and enjoy it.
• And how you can lose weight naturally — without dieting.

Yes, it’s just that amazing.


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Because it takes just 10 minutes to read this.  So – get relaxed.  Take a chance that I might have actually found an easy solution to weight loss. Take the 10 minutes to read it.  What have you possibly got to lose – ten minutes?  And a way to lose ten pounds, perhaps?  Perhaps 20 pounds?  Maybe more.   Go on, find a comfortable chair, I’ll wait…

The most startling discovery I found:

You can start your weight loss program tonight while you watch TV.  I see a lot of people shaking their heads and saying no.  So… right now I’m going to explain how – exactly how.

No, no “Miracle Diet!’

I’m not talking about any of those “miracle weight-loss products” or cures.  You know the ones:  wrap this miracle belt around your stomach – lose 6 inches by tomorrow.  Or the “Electronic Twitching Belt,” that shocks your stomach muscles into twitching. I may be guessing here, but I don’t think that works.

And I’m going to be honest with you – always am – our weight loss products may not work for you.  You see – nothing works for everyone.  So if our method doesn’t work for you – you can simply request a refund.  No problem – prompt refund.  We’d rather have you as a friend – than keep your thirty bucks if you didn’t like our products.  Perhaps you’ll buy something else from us in the future.  So, no hard feelings on refunds – just ask. Thanks.

“I think you’ll be nicely surprised at how easy it is for you to lose weight – even if you’ve tried dieting, pills, starving yourself, and – well – whatever you’ve tried.  Our method is completely different.  It’s NOT a diet. It works safely, effectively – and can work WITH any other weight loss program you follow.”

Our weight loss method is simple: You use your own mind to control your eating habits and your weight loss metabolism. We’ll help you.  We’ll help you train your mind to help you lose weight easily – naturally, without you needing to think about it.

It’s called Subliminal Training.

Start losing weight… tonight!

Right now we offer the newest audio that you can download to instantly to start your weight loss program.  Right away, like… tonight. That’s right – start your own weight loss program this evening – even after you’ve eaten dinner. The sooner you start, the sooner your subliminal training starts working, the sooner you’ll naturally lose weight.  Without hunger.  Without pills.  I know it sounds crazy… but…

You start your weight loss program tonight – just by “Inactively Listening” to our subliminal audio. Inactive or “Subliminal Listening” allows you to use the power of your own subconscious thoughts to drive your body to lose weight.

We didn’t invent subliminal training—it’s been used to train all kinds of professional athletes for years. We’ve just refined it, distilled it and adapted its methodology to weight loss. And now we’ve published it in an easy to listen to audio program.  In the next 8 minutes (I figure I’ve used up 2 of my 10 minutes) I’ll demonstrate how easy it is to lose weight without hunger, and without dieting.

Subliminal training is really a not-so-new approach.  Most professional athletes use some types of subliminal training throughout their entire career to make themselves play better, run faster, throw farther – and to stay focused.

Subliminal suggestions, visualization training, positive thinking – all these are forms of subliminal training used by professional athletes, and have been for years.  They use every means available to play harder, faster, better.  You can do the same thing, right in the privacy of your own home.

The difference?  Our subliminal training audio program is focused only on one specific function: to help you lose weight, naturally. With the all-natural support of your subconscious thoughts, and your mind and your body listening.

Our training works just by itself.

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But our program also works WITH any and every other method  of weight control – by making other methods more effective and easier to follow.  But before I get too ahead of myself, here are some of the notes from my research.

Here’s why you’re not losing weight:

Think about all the things your body is doing right at THIS SECOND which you’re not even aware of.  Your heart is beating, every second — every minute.  Blood pumping all around.  You’re regulating your breathing without even thinking about it: faster at times, slower at times – exchanging carbon dioxide for oxygen.  Your body is amazing. It’s quite incredible, really.

Most things happen without you even thinking about it:

And your blood chemistry? Your body is keeping thousands of chemicals in constant check: thousands of chemicals – cholesterol, blood sugars, thyroid, insulin, testosterone, uric acid — just to name a few.  And all this is done automatically — by your subconscious mind.  You’re not even aware of it, much less thinking about it. You’re subconscious is keeping and eye on everything – keeping it in perfect balance, every day.  This Perfect Balance is called “Homeostasis.”

Your subconscious does an amazing job – because if just one of these chemicals gets a little out of balance, a little out of whack and you’re in the hospital faster than NASCAR driver up in the marbles (Oh, yea, for the dozen of you that don’t watch NASCAR like the rest us red blooded Americans, this is the upper part of the turns where the scraped off tire-rubber collects and makes it slippery).

Every day you’re digesting foods and and turning them into life-sustaining nutrients because your subconscious mind is issuing commands to create stomach acids, absorb the good parts that your body needs, filter out the bad parts – and move food along your digestive track.  Your subconscious mind is keeping everything running smoothly.

And Your Conscious Mind…

While your subconscious is accomplishing its tasks of digesting foods, regulating your breathing rate, adjusting your metabolism, keeping your chemical balance in check—your conscious mind is also actively processing hundreds of thousands of thoughts per second.

Here’s an example: you’re driving a car.  Your conscious mind is keeping you alert: looking around – changing lanes, paying attention to traffic signals, avoiding other cars.  Plenty to pay attention to.  That’s what your conscious mind does – it sees and regulates what you “Pay Attention” to.

At the same exact time your conscious mind is “paying attention” to your surroundings, your subconscious mind is multi-tasking:  It’s doing things you’re not even aware of: moving your arms and legs where you need them: stepping on the gas to accelerate, applying the correct pressure on the brake to stop smoothly, turning the wheel just the right amount to make a turn.

In addition to all this, your subconscious is producing just the right amount of acid for your stomach to digest food; making sure your body breathes regularly, keeps your heart pumping with precision regularity, keeping your energy glowing: burning the food you eat to maintain your body temperature at precisely 98.6 degrees. At the same time you’re driving, your subconscious is watching over all your chemicals for signs of imbalance so that it can regulate them so they remain correct. Perfect.  In perfect balance. Homeostasis.

You’ve got to admit –
your body is pretty amazing…

There’s a lot going on…

A lot that you know about, and then there’s an awful lot going on that you don’t know about.  Fact is, there’s a heck of a lot more happening in your body that you don’t ever, ever think about. Ask any physician.  And the action control center?  It’s your brain.  It’s doing all the juggling.  Your subconscious.

There are the two states of mind everyone has:
Your conscious thoughts and your subconscious thoughts.

Your Conscious Mind:  What you’re “thinking about.”  Your conscious mind controls your waking thoughts – things that you are aware of… Choices you make…  What you choose to watch on TV, where are we going for dinner?  Where your kids are; what you need to do at work tomorrow or who you think is on the phone when it rings.  Your talking and your speech – and what you’re talking about — all the thoughts and the words come from your conscious mind.

These are all conscious thoughts and actions.  But while you’re thinking “conscious thoughts,” there’s a whole level of brain activity that you’re not aware of: your subconscious.

Your subconscious mind –

Your subconscious mind controls all the other functions that your body does seemingly automatically.  Chemical balances, heat regulation, breathing, circulation, digestion, thirst and hunger – to name a few.

Your subconscious brain activity controls functions that are said to be automatic: organ functions, breathing, heart rate, everything down to your eye “blink-rate” to keep your eyes from drying out.  There’s a lot going on here and a lot of things your subconscious controls—all automatically.  Your subconscious is working 24 hours a day, every day.  Even when you sleep — it’s called dreaming…

Sleeping, dreaming…

You’re probably aware your conscious mind gets a little time off when you’re sleeping.  But are you aware your subconscious is as active when you’re sleeping just as much as it is when you’re awake?  Your subconscious is busy not only dreaming, but your subconscious is also still regulating your breathing, controlling your digestion, and your metabolism.

Controlling your subconscious thoughts

You know how to control your conscious mind – you’ve been doing it all your life.  All through school you’ve stayed alert, and paid attention when you had to (didn’t you?).

You’ve actively listened to teachers – who taught you to varying degrees of effectiveness and success.  And, you’ve actively listened to your parents who taught you the difference between right and wrong (also to varying degrees of effectiveness and success).  You’ve received your entire education through what you learned through your conscious effort.

You learned to walk and drive.  You watch television – where you can view the world on CNN, or watch to learn on PBS, see drama, or have fun watching funny shows like Family guy, Sponge Bob or The Simpsons.  This is all in the “conscious” part of your mind.  You actively think about this.

When you eat, you make a conscious choice of what and where you eat. 
You control those thoughts with your conscious mind.

Up until now, you’ve learned everything on the conscious level.
But — Here’s where we come in:

The subliminal training audio program we offer works in a different way.  It trains your subconscious thinking.

You will now teach yourself on a totally different level.

You will now learn on a subconscious level.
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The Danielle Adams Subliminal Audio Weight Loss Program contains behavior-modifying suggestions – subconscious suggestions – called “affirmations” – positive statements that change what your subconscious mind thinks.

Here’s where our subconscious or “subliminal” suggestions come in…

Your hunger – that’s controlled by your subconscious.

You get a signal from the subconscious part of your mind that tells your conscious mind – “we are running out of fuel – need energy.” When you get that signal transferring to your conscious thoughts, you think: “I’m hungry, let’s eat!”

That signal of “I’m hungry” — that’s a subconscious signal.  And that’s where we come in.  With the Danielle Adams Quick Weight Loss Audio – first, you learn to automatically delay the “I’m hungry” feeling your body sends you.  So you don’t get hungry all the time.  Second, you learn a new thought with a new subconscious or “subliminal” suggestion: “I enjoy feeling hungry.”

With this particular subliminal affirmation “Inactively Heard” thousands of times each month when you play our audio just slightly under your normal hearing range, you’ll learn to automatically associate the “I feel hungry” thought with a new thought: “I enjoy feeling hungry,” and not one that necessarily means “I must rush out and eat right away.”

And that’s just one of the things this audio will do for you.  Simple.

With the subliminal suggestions that are found on the Danielle Adams Quick Weight Loss Subliminal Audio your subconscious learns to delay the “I’m hungry!” feeling.  And the exact affirmation to do this (just one of the affirmations you’ll hear in this program) is “It’s OK to feel hungry.  I enjoy feeling hungry.”  But that’s just part of it…

Get That “FULL Feeling… FASTER!”

You know that “Full” feeling you get when you finish a good meal?  That’s an “automatic” body function – it’s a signal you receive from your subconscious that says “I’ve had enough fuel, stop eating.”  This is your subconscious signaling—letting you know you can stop eating.  Your subconscious sends a signal to your “conscious” mind and your conscious mind thinks, “I’m full, stop eating.”  Sometimes you listen to this, sometimes you continue to eat.  Don’t you?

With our Quick Weight Loss audio we “adjust” that feeling of fullness you get at the end of a meal… we make it a little stronger and we make it come a little sooner.

Stick around: I’m going to give you an actual list of our affirmations
found in our quick weight loss audio program…

But let me address another issue I’ve discovered that

NOW – Burn Calories… Faster!

Turn UP your metabolism —

A physical characteristic that is directly controlled by your subconscious mind is the rate you burn calories, your metabolism. It’s called your Metabolic Rate.”

Here’s why our program is different than anything else you can get. Our quick weight loss subliminal training targets specifically on your metabolic rate.  We designed our audio program to specifically target your metabolic rate and change it.

Here’s an example:

I’ll bet you know someone who eats all they want… and is still skinny as a rail.
That’s because they have a “high metabolic rate.”  Their metabolism is naturally set really high, by, you guessed it, their subconscious.

Your metabolism is controlled by your subconscious, too.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could just go in there and turn it up a notch? You’d burn calories faster.  And you’d burn excess weight off faster!  Yes, now you can do that!

If you could turn up your metabolic rate, you’d burn off calories faster — without exercise, without doing anything different.  And that’s specifically one of the goals our audio program is designed to do.  That’s one of the key issues we bring forward with the subliminal affirmations in our unique weight loss audio system.

Our program is written to

Here’s how:

This change in your metabolism is all done at a subconscious level: You don’t do anything to make this change – other than play our audio program.  Our “affirmations” – remember them – subliminal training – instructs your subconscious to turn-up your metabolism. Burn calories faster.  Lose weight.  Yes, you just play our audio often.  Especially quietly in the background when you’re watching TV.  I hope you’re finding this interesting, cause I figure I only have 4 minutes left.

The MOST amazing part of our weight loss audio:  Don’t listen to our audio program.  Seriously.

You actually don’t listen to our program.  You play it in the background. In fact, you specifically DON’T listen to it! It’s all described in the FREE instant-access instruction booklet when you buy our audio program.

Here’s how it works.  Play the audio.  Turn it down.

You see, since our program is designed for your subconscious mind, you don’t actively listen to it, it’s meant to run in the background.  You play it so quietly, you barely hear it.  This way, you can watch TV, sleep, listen to music while you have our audio program playing quietly in the background.  I’ll talk more about this in a moment.  Right now,

Let’s take a good look at why it’s so hard for you to lose weight.

Your body tries to keep itself just the way it is.

In fact – your body will do almost anything to keep itself in the exact same shape it’s in right now. Remember — it’s called Homeostasis, “In balance.”

If you’re overweight, your body thinks you’re just perfect the way you are – and does everything to make sure you continue to stay at your current state: which is “overweight.”  If you’re too thin, you stay “too thin.”  No matter what you eat, or what you do, your body strives to keep you exactly the same.  Homeostasis.

If you eat a little bit more than you normally do, your body (controlled by your subconscious) speeds up your metabolism to get rid of the extra calories – so you stay the same weight.

You continue to stay the same weight unless you really overload it – by eating huge meals, lots of calories, day after day.  Your body just can’t adjust itself this much – to this kind of heavy extra load.  Even though it tries to keep your weight the same by speeding up your metabolism, it can’t.  So… you gain weight.  When you eat way too much over a period of time, your body just can’t turn up your metabolism to burn off all that extra fat, those extra calories.  And when it can’t handle the caloric load, you gain weight.

Your new weight then becomes what you are and your subconscious again thinks, homeostasis – and your body fights to keep you at your new weight.  If this is overweight, your body fights to keep you at this overweight stage.

The bad news?  The reverse is also true:

Since your body fights to maintain its current weight, that’s why it’s also so tough to lose weight.  If you eat less, your body adjusts – and slows down your metabolism – so you stay the same weight.
That’s why you have to eat SO MANY less calories to actually lose weight – you’re working against your body – which is fighting you to maintain your current weight, whatever it is.

Here’s Proof:

Suppose you drink two cans of soda each day.  This adds about 300 calories a day to your diet, or times 7 = about 2100 calories each week.  One day you decide to lose weight, so you suddenly switch to diet soda.  You drop 2100 calories a week – but your weight stays exactly the same.  It’s your body slowing down your metabolism to keep your weight at its current level.  Homeostasis.

This slowing down and speeding up of your metabolic rate is why your weight doesn’t jump up if you eat a big sandwich and a bag of potato chips for lunch one day, or why you don’t lose weight if you just have a few crackers and a bowl of soup for lunch the next day.

So calories alone aren’t the answer.  You can eat a lot of calories and still lose weight.  Just look at the Atkin’s diet – you can eat all the calories you want, and you still lose weight.  In fact in that diet – you eat lots of high fat foods as part of your diet – and STILL lose weight.  So there definitely are ways of losing weight that have no relation at all to caloric intake.  But still, we think calories are of key importance.

Caloric Overload –

Here’s another example: I’ll bet you’ve experienced this calorie overload yourself and felt your body making its own adjustments.  Have you ever eaten a big meal late at night – or, you ate a steak (or something tough to digest.)  Then you wake up in the middle of the night and you’re hot – breathing heavily, or in a sweat.

That’s your body — directed by your subconscious — to turn up your heat (your metabolism) to boost your “burn rate” to burn off those extra calories.  This is your body fighting to keep your weight the same by regulating your metabolic rate to achieve, you guessed it, homeostasis.  Your body is trying to preserve your current weight.

Is it all in your head?  Well, yea…

To a good degree it’s all within you – and your mind – the ability to block the gaining of additional weight — unless you seriously overeat all the time!  Your own subconscious regulates your metabolism, it can turn up the heat and make your body burn calories faster.

Most times it’s successful.

You burn a good portion of any big meal off by subconsciously raising your metabolic rate.  Your skin temperature increases and you expend more energy. You breath faster and heavier and all this makes your body burn more energy, burn more calories.  Your body fights hard for you to do this, even when you sleep. (Have you ever watched a heavy person sweat after they’ve eaten a big meal?  It’s his or her body’s natural defense to burn excess calories.)

In fact, have you ever noticed that overweight people sweat a lot?  It’s their body trying to turn up their metabolism because they eat so much.  But you can only turn it up your metabolism so far – after that, like an engine running at full speed – it just can’t burn any faster.

So, there are limits — which you’ve probably experienced.  If you eat large meals of heavy fats and gobs of butter, and lots of Good Old American injected beef – with lots of chemicals shot into them to make them fat fast, finish it all off with a triple scoop of ice cream – you gain weight.  Do this day after day, and you can’t turn up your metabolism high enough to burn all those calories off.  You gain weight.

The Bad, bad news: In a nutshell, the reverse is true –

Once you gain the weight, your body thinks, “Homeostasis, we’re in perfect balance: I must be my ideal weight,” and tries to keep itself – you guessed it, at that exact same weight.  So it denies all but the strongest actions to lose weight.  You wind up STARVING yourself, while your body works against you by doing everything it possibly can to PREVENT YOU FROM LOSING WEIGHT.

Here’s why most diets DON’T work:

You eat less, but your body slows down your metabolism each night to keep your weight the same PREVENTING YOU FROM LOSING WEIGHT.  That’s why you can’t just eat a few calories less and lose weight.  To lose weight — you need to eat barely enough to survive.  That’s why most diets don’t work…



That’s why diets don’t work: Your own body works against you.  Your body works really hard AGAINST you when you try to lose weight!

That’s the bad news.

Here’s the good news:
Our instant subliminal audio training program can really help.


Let me tell you what our audio program can do –
and why we think it’ll make a difference in you, your weight.

You’ve been trying to lose weight through your conscious effort and I salute you for this.  This is exactly the way you do everything else.  You’ve learned everything through your conscious effort: walking, reading, speaking, driving a car, playing sports, everything.

You’ve also learned to eat through your conscious effort.  And you make the choice of what to eat through your conscious choice.  When to eat.  How much to eat.

But — you get the signal that tells you that you “are hungry” though your subconscious. And you get the signal that you “feel full” through a subconscious signal that tells you to stop eating.

What if we could change those signals — the “I’m hungry” signal, and the “I feel full—stop eating” signals and rearrange them?  And we could do it all without any effort from you or the conscious part of your mind?  Wouldn’t that be great.

What if we could
· Delay that little signal that says “I’m hungry.”
How about if we could
· Move ahead the subconscious signal that says,
“I am full, stop eating?”
Or how about if we can
· Turn up your metabolism to make you
burn calories faster?

This is exactly what we do in the Danielle Adams Subliminal Weight Loss Audio Program.

There’s nothing that will work – no magic pill, no workout regime, nothing to make you lose weight if you keep eating four Big Mac’s and three orders of french fries every day.  You’ve got to WANT to lose weight a little more than that.  And be realistic.

But if you’re willing to “inactively listen” to this audio program exactly the way we show you – we can help you towards your weight loss goals.  You’ll lose weight – effortlessly, without a diet and without ever being hungry.

Explore how our audio can make your weight loss an easy and fun experience – without you feeling hungry – because remember, we turn off that “hungry” feeling: we take away that signal that says “I’m hungry.”  And we adjust your diet of what you like to eat to a better diet of healthier foods, because, again, it’s your subconscious that says “I like the flavor and texture of this food – and I like eating this.”

When you weigh less you’ll have more energy, greater confidence – and you’ll be a new, happier you.  All of that is inside you right now – we can help you bring out, bring it to the surface.  It’s actually quite easy.

Are you with me so far?  Thanks.  Now I’m going to show you exactly how the program works, and show you some of the actual affirmations in our program.  Oh, wait.  I’m sorry, the ten minutes I said I’d take – well, they’re up.  So if you’d like to stop reading right now, thanks for your kind attention.  But if you’re still interested in losing weight without dieting, please keep reading.  Thank you.

Turning off the signal of “I’m Hungry.” Here’s the details.

Remember earlier in our discussion I spoke to you about consciously learning to do things like reading and writing and driving and playing sports.  And how all that was taught to you on a conscious level.  People spoke to you, showed you things, and you actively listened.  That’s your conscious level of learning.  Now you’re going to learn in a new way.

Learn WITHOUT listening.  We coined a term for this —
we call it “Inactive Listening.”

You learn our program by actively “NOT-listening,” or, Inactive Listening.

Active listening is for your conscious level. Like when you are talking with someone or watching TV.  To reach your subconscious, you have to “inactively listen.” And you do that by… listening to something else.  This is a key element in the program.  You need to pay attention to something else when you play your audio program.  It’s the only way to get the message directly to your subconscious. You learn by way of your subconscious mind listening.

We can’t teach your subconscious anything when you’re paying attention to what we’re saying – because by paying attention, that’s being intercepted by your conscious mind on a conscious level.  That’s “active listening.”

So we’re going to send our message to your subconscious mind by having your conscious mind doing something else. The statements we want to introduce and reinforce need to bypass your conscious and go right to your subconscious.  When this happens, your subconscious listens and accepts these instructions… but only if you present them correctly, which our audio does through our positive affirmations.

Here’s an example:  If I say to you “You are not hungry” then you may or may not be hungry – since this feeling, hunger, is controlled by your subconscious and I’m talking to you and your conscious mind is hearing me.

But if I whisper “I am not hungry” in a voice just below what you can hear – yet loud enough for your subconscious to acknowledge, and I do it over and over – this can affect your hunger.  Saying this once won’t be enough to train your subconscious, but saying this 1,000 times over a period of several weeks WILL train you to “feel not-hungry.”  Your mind will delay the signal “I’m hungry,” and you’re conscious mind won’t trigger the response: “I need to eat.”

Let’s take an example:

If you’re like most of us, when you were a kid your parents probably said to you – like mine said to me, “Eat your vegetables – they taste good” and you probably pushed them around on your plate enough to get by without actually eating most of them.  What your parents said about the vegetables tasting good – that didn’t work, did it? Those vegetables didn’t really taste good to you, did they?  No, me neither.

Now suppose your parents played a subliminal tape – just quietly enough that you couldn’t really distinguish the words, that said hundreds of times, “I like vegetables.  Vegetable taste good.”  Your subconscious mind would accept that as the truth.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t make judgments about statements, it just accepts them as the truth. And when you started to eat vegetables you would find that you liked them.  Remember taste is controlled by your subconscious.

Here is exactly what our subliminal tapes do: They train your subconscious.  By hearing the subliminal suggestions over and over – hundreds of times, your subconscious will accept our subliminal suggestions.  Our subliminal suggestions are to make you less hungry, make your metabolism faster to burn more calories, and make you less hungry.

This happens all automatically.  Yes, I know it sounds too good, but try it, test it out – see this all for yourself.

You’ll learn from our audio program – without any conscious effort on your part – to eat less.  To not be hungry.  To get full, fast.  To stop eating when you are full.  Your body learns to speed up your own metabolic rate and burn off calories faster. And you’ll learn to like eating salads and vegetables.  All subconsciously.  And we guarantee it, or you can get your money back.  Simple as that.

Playing the Audio Program – It’s pretty different – from… well, everything.

The audio program is different than any other program you’ve ever purchased.  You play this audio quietly – in the background.  You actually DON’T want to be able to listen to this audio.

For functions controlled by your subconscious, it is necessary to present the message directly to your subconscious.  So your active mind must be doing something else, like watching TV, or listening to the radio or music.

Here’s a special note:

I don’t like it when marketers tell you all the background and history, and blah blah blah… but don’t give you the details of exactly what you’re getting when you’re purchasing their program.

So, I’m not going to do that in a program we offer.

Here’s a good sample of exactly what you are receiving in this audio program.  These are some of the exact affirmations we wrote into this program, and this – and the rest of the affirmations – is what you receive when you buy our audio program.  They are all put together nicely in a complete package, and reasonably priced.

The Danielle Adams Quick Weight Loss Audio contains positive statements (affirmations) such as “I like vegetables.”  In fact, here are some of the actual affirmations you’ll find on the audio program:

I am thin and healthy
I burn calories
I have excellent health
I burn calories faster
I am energetic
I burn excess calories
I eat small meals
I expend energy faster
I increase the blood flow to my skin
I burn extra calories when I sleep
I dissipate extra heat from my skin
I get hot when sleeping
My fat melts away
I eat the right foods
I direct my fat to melt away
I drink water
I like fruit
I exercise
I respect myself
I enjoy exercise
I feel good being thin
I visualize exercise
I feel good losing more weight
I enjoy losing weight

These affirmations, when introduced directly to your subconscious mind, bring about the desired change in behavior to make them happen.  You’ll start to see the changes in small and subtle ways within a week, and the effects of these affirmations will get progressively stronger as you continue to listen to the tapes.

“Imagine these statements played – and listened to and accepted by your subconscious – hundreds of times each week, thousands of times each month!”

As you play these affirmations night after night in the background while you’re watching TV, you’ll begin to feel their full effects.  The audio directs your subconscious to feel good about yourself, and you will.  You’ll eat less, and you’ll desire to eat less.  You’ll feel full faster, and you’ll finally enjoy eating vegetables – your parents will be proud.  This may not work with broccoli. Hey, that was a joke.  Of course you’ll like broccoli.  Well, maybe…

The audio is also designed to make your body burn more fat, and increase your metabolic rate – two bodily functions directly controlled by your subconscious.

With this audio you’ll lose weight, have higher energy, and feel better about yourself.  And it will all be without pills, without dieting, without being hungry – and with less effort than any other method.

If you are using other methods to lose weight, you’ll lose weight faster and easier by playing our audio program in conjunction with your other weight loss program.  Here’s all you have to do –  you simply have to order our program, and give these affirmations a chance to work by playing them as often as you can.

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Here’s how easy it is to start. First, play the audio at a normal volume and listen to the whole whole program. 

This is simply to show you there is absolutely nothing on this tape that will hurt you or be detrimental to you in any way.  This audio is completely “unmasked” – which means there is no music or sound to cover over the affirmations, so they are audible. Once you do that, and you are completely comfortable that the audio content will be great for you, turn the audio volume way down to just a murmur in the background and start letting your subconscious listen to it. Put the subliminal program on whenever you watch TV.  Turn the volume down so that it is barely audible, and is only in the background.  Play it at work. 

Play it when you are eating dinner, or listening to music.   You can even have this on while you are sleeping.  Since you don’t want to be able to hear any of the audio program words when the TV is on it won’t interrupt your favorite TV program.  Don’t worry, your subconscious is listening and absorbing the information. Play the subliminal audio at least once a day, while you watch TV.  It runs just under an hour.  But you can and should play it longer if you like – and we recommend you play it as many times as you can each day – run it over and over, always just in the background.  The more you play it, the faster it works, the stronger the affirmations.  The faster you’ll benefit: losing weight. 

To achieve maximum results in the fastest possible time, listen to the audio as often as you can. Within the month you’ll feel less hungry.  You’ll find you are enjoying vegetables, and you’re getting full faster. Your metabolism will burn calories faster.  You’ll feel better about yourself – you’ll gain confidence as you lose weight easily, without hunger, dieting or pills. 


We think it’s the easiest and best way to lose weight, and we think you’ll agree. Try it – test it out.  Order now with complete confidence.

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Questions?  Call me directly at 610-642-1000.  If I’m not there – as this phone rings directly on my desk, please leave a name and number and I’ll call you back to take your order personally and answer any questions you have.  Noticing the effects? If you listen to the tape at an audible level once or twice a week, you’ll notice that it’s affecting you differently: You’ll find that you’ll start saying the affirmations when they’re affecting you.  When you are starting to feel full without eating everything on your plate, you’ll find yourself saying, “I feel full, faster” and “I leave something on my plate.” When you start to feel hungry, you’ll find yourself saying to yourself “Feeling hungry is OK.” 

These affirmations are then presenting on both your conscious level and on your subconscious level.  You are well on your way to eating less, eating the right foods, and losing weight.  You’ll like losing weight and being thin. Big Bonus:  You’ll also find you’re in better health and spirits.  You might experience feeling warmer – this is your body burning additional calories.  You’ll sleep more soundly, and you’ll burn more calories while you’re sleeping.  You’ll start feeling good about yourself again – because we programmed that into the audio, too. Just remember, you have to do your part, too.  When you get the signal you’re full – it’s up to you to stop eating.  We’ve placed some affirmations in this tape to help with that too – but in the end, there’s no magic bullet in weight loss – you’ve got to help yourself to make it happen.


The Danielle Adams Quick Weight Loss Audio Program is as close as possible to an all natural weight loss program you can live with – easy to do, simple, and effective. It’s all natural and safe and will to help you lose weight effortlessly.  It works by itself, or WITH any and every other weight loss system to make other programs even more effective. If you really want to lose weight you’ll have every opportunity – and then some – with a great amount of natural help from your own body and your own mind to lose weight far faster than other methods. Just follow these simple directions and play this audio often – and you’ll find it’s easy to lose weight just by listening to the Danielle Adams Quick Weight Loss Subliminal Audio while you watch TV.  


Yes, you’ll understand why we say, “Lose weight while you watch TV!”  Could you create this audio program yourself? Yes, Absolutely.  But why bother?  It would take you hundreds of hours in research time – just like it took us! It would take you an even longer time – like it did for our research team – to figure out all the affirmations we compiled.  Then it would take time and equipment – a studio really, to actually create the audio.  For about thirty bucks, you get a great deal of research, a tight script and a great audio program that works. It runs about an hour!  We think it’s a reasonable cost, because you’ll enjoy the program and find it’s everything we promise: you’ll lose weight effectively, easily, effortlessly and fast.  No dieting, no pills, and no hunger.  Yes, it’s pretty amazing.  But you don’t have to take our word for it: Go ahead – try it, test it out.  

You’ll start seeing a difference in the first week. Yes – THE FIRST WEEK!  No, you won’t lose ten pounds – or even five pounds – right away. Nothing, no diet will show you those kind of results, and if they tell you they will, they’re lying.  If you’ve tried other diets, you already know this is true. What you will see is a change in your eating habits. You’ll feel full.  You’ll feel better about yourself.  You’ll notice it’s OK to feel hungry.  And you’ll naturally eat less.  All without effort. It’s the easiest weight loss program we know of – and to prove this to you it comes with our complete moneyback guarantee:  try it, test is out thoroughly for two full months and if you don’t find you’ve lost weight, And feel better about yourself, we’ll refund your full purchase price – no questions, no hassles and no hard feelings. 

We’d rather have a friend that may possibly buy another one of our products than someone who is unhappy with something we sold. Look, thirty bucks isn’t going to make us rich, or make you poor – but it could change your life. We think our program will help you lose weight… it will change your life.  And we think it’s worth a shot – and that you should give it a chance.  But, we also realize since it’s on the Internet you can’t feel it, or touch it or taste it.  So we give you the option to test it and try it out with our no risk guarantee. 


If you don’t like it – more importantly if you don’t see results starting the first week, simply let us know for a full refund. Thank you. 

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Please order now. We’ve created this program to help you lose weight.
We’re real people.  If you have problems or questions, we are always happy to help.  We hope you enjoy this program, and you find it effective and fun.  Thanks for reading all this — and for ordering our subliminal weight loss program.

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